A downloadable game for Windows


The deity Hydrax is about to put an end to the Universe, one more or less, professional scientist wants to stop him. He built Kuron, a Clone made to slay the Hydrax and save the Universe. Of course he can't magically create an invulnerable Fighter.... there's a long road ahead of Kuron before he's strong enough to face the Hydrax.

Goals / Objectives

  • Acquire powerful Gear
  • Gain Experience and Level up
  • Learn new Skills and Abilities
  • Gather Resources 

Latest Version

Closed Pre-Alpha v1.0.0





Core Features and Mechanics

  • Procedural HexWorld Generation
  • Bow Weapon mechanics
  • Inventory


  • Player Customization ( 182 colors )
  • Weapons Types ( 1 )
  • Armor Sets ( 1 )
  • Lumies ( 1 )
  • Enemies ( 2 )
  • Skills ( 1 )


HexMight currently is in Closed-Alpha. It's not publically downloadable due to severe lack of content and bugs.

Feel free to follow the development if you're interested in playing the Game in the future in the Discord!

You can also participate in future Giveaways to have a chance at beeing one of the Closed Alpha Players.

Contributing & Submitting Content

You're able to submit any kind of work you made for HexMight  to implement it!

You'll get all the needed Information about this in the Discord!



Metorphium....Everything except Audio
Samuel RooseComposer & Sound Designer


If you want to contact me, you can dm me in Discord. Metorphium #3080

Otherwise feel free to hangout and report bugs in the public Discord.

Want more?

You can find out more about the future of HexMight in the Trello Page.

Get exclusive and frequent Screenshots and News in the HydraxGames Discord.

Follow the HydraxGames Twitter.

And Subscribe to the HydraxGames Youtube Channel.

Minimum Requirements

CPUGraphics CardRAMOperating System
Maxed SettingsAMD FX 4300Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti8GBWin7

Hasn't been tested on many other Computers yet.

Game currently requires about 50MB of Space.

Specs of Maxed Settings runs at ~80FPS.


This game is currently unavailable